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Learning machines: quantifying surgical competency​

Can a machine learning algorithm differentiate trainees’ technical skills in a complex simulated neurosurgical task for real-time feedback and continuous assessment?

The child’s right to freedom from violence

Every child has certain universal human rights that should always be protected, but who grants and protects these rights in the Sahrawi refugee camps of Western Sahara?

Blockchain in competition law: redefining ‘undertakings’

How can the theory of granularity applied to the concept of public blockchain solve issues in the digital administration of European competition law?

Simulated surgery: AI tutoring vs expert instruction

How does feedback from an artificial intelligence (AI) tutoring system compare with training by remote expert instruction in learning a surgical procedure?

Why is Kosovo not a member of the EU or UN?

What can Kosovo’s ineligibility for the EU and UN tell us about the similarities, differences, and possible relationship between membership of these international bodies?

‘No action’ letters: EU efficacy and accountability​

How can deficiencies in the ‘no action’ letter process be addressed for greater efficacy and accountability in the regulation of the EU’s financial markets?

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