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MyGreenWindow – The affordable vertical planting system

A startup venture aims to make vertical planting an affordable option for everyone.

Can we learn to do diversity?

How can people who have not experienced migration learn to develop diversity skills and tackle feelings of “belonging uncertainty”?


How do languages adapt words from each other?

Vera Scholvin’s research on language contact explores patterns that arise when words are adapted by a foreign language.

From Linguistics to an Entrepreneurial Journey – Sylby

A linguist’s journey of co-founding Sylby, a language-learning app, offers feedback and video tutorials to language learners and assists them in improving their pronunciation skills.

Why is Kosovo not a member of the EU or UN?

What can Kosovo’s ineligibility for the EU and UN tell us about the similarities, differences, and possible relationship between membership of these international bodies?

Navigating Diversity in Big Cities, Who Bears Responsibility?

How can we live in big cities together with people who are clearly different from each other?


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