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We understand that not all 
research videos are created equal

Sometimes old footage needs a fresh touch to make it more effective and engaging for your audience. 

That’s why we offer our video polishing service

B-roll: We capture additional footage to supplement your existing material and add visual interest to your video.

Sound correction: Sound is the heart of a video, conveying the message. We add a professional soundtrack and correct audio issues such as background noise, echo, and reverb.

Sound editing and mixing: We carefully review and organise the audio, creating a cohesive and engaging soundtrack that effectively supports your research findings. We mix all audio elements to create a balanced and immersive experience.

Color correction: We adjust the colour of your footage to ensure it looks its best and accurately represents your message.

Motion and graphics: We add animation and motion graphics to help explain complex concepts and data in a clear and engaging way.

Titles and lower thirds/chyrons: We will create custom titles and lower thirds/chyrons to label key concepts and data for easy identification.

Stock imagery and footage: We find the perfect imagery and footage to supplement yours. We have a wide variety of high-quality, royalty-free options from reputable sources that will save you time and money.

Branding: We add your affiliated logos, icons, and contact information to enhance institutional branding.

Additional elements: We can add various other elements to your video such as special effects, image stabilisation, captions, and subtitles to make it more effective.

Final delivery: We will deliver the final video in the format and resolution of your choice, including 4k and 1080p.

Optimisation: We handle SEO of your video to make sure it reaches the right audience. This may include a concise and accurate title, video description, thumbnail, tags, captions, subtitles, and end screen/outro.

Distribution: We help you distribute your video through the Researchvlog site and social media channels. You are also highly encouraged to post the videos on your own personal or affiliated institutional websites or social media accounts.

Our experienced post-production team takes pride in our ability to transform research videos into visually stunning, high-quality content that effectively communicates your message.


Have clear objectives. Write them down and be prepared to explain them to a wider audience. Reach out to us or shoot your own video in-house. Let's create your video from your draft video or let us shoot it together in our studio. It's easy and it can be done with great communication!

Some video placements require a predetermined length, such as commercials and platforms including Tik Tok. When creating a video on sites like YouTube, they can be a lot longer but it’s important to keep your audience in mind. Most videos on the web shouldn’t be longer than a few minutes. This is a general rule, but we can help you with great story-telling tactics.

With our team, it is totally free and you will help us to our mission to create research accessibility. We would like to share the research findings as fast as fake news on social media.

Six to eight days is average for a 2-minute vlog. Without custom visuals, vlogs can be turned around much quicker. We can move as quickly as you can.

We’re in the golden age of videos, but as always, good content and storytelling are what make a video interesting. We have guidelines that you can check for vlog tactics.

Social media video is the most popular type of video now for sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. But there’s also video for websites as well as video created to be shown at tradeshows, conferences, and business presentations.

No. We are only supporting research-related vlogs for now.

We own some of the best production equipment available, including cameras able to shoot in 4.5K resolution, more than five times the quality of standard 720 HD broadcast. This means we’re able to cost-effectively provide the highest quality lighting, sound, and image capture available today.

We have worked on some truly insane production timelines and delivered amazing results, but we don’t recommend it. For a vlog, we recommend awarding the job at least two weeks before shoot day. That includes script creation and review.

Our in-house expertise is in storytelling, cutting, titling, and finishing of live-action content. That means for clients needing live-action production, we have a one-stop shop for the industry’s highest production values.

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