Making vlogs

Structural guidelines

For an optimum-length video of 3-5 minutes, you will want to aim for 350–750 words.

A Researchvlog script consists of three main sections:

Hook + Introduction  70-150 words

  • Grab your viewer’s attention with an interesting aspect of your topic
  • Introduce the issue at stake and make it relatable – why is it important?
  • Provide a quick overview of what the audience can expect to learn in the body of the video
  • Style cues: curiosity, intrigue, drama, humour, emotion

Body  200-450 words

  • Dive into (concise) detail, walking your viewer through a narrative, line of reasoning, or conflict
  • Select a few key ideas to construct a story arc, a set of logical examples, or points of comparison
  • Connect each aspect and clearly explain their impact on your main issue
  • Style cues: confident, trustworthy, accessible, personable, dynamic

Conclusion + Call to action 70-150 words

  • Refer to the hook and body to provide some resolution to the issue. How has it been addressed?
  • Share opinions and reflections – why does this resolution matter, in research or the real world?
  • Are there future implications? Be direct about what we should understand, or do next
  • Style cues: epiphany, (dis)satisfaction, excitement, motivation, determination
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