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A few years ago, when I was finalising my bachelor studies in law, I gravitated towards a thesis topic on medical patents. With little background in patents at all, I dove into an overwhelming sea of legal documents, academic papers, and books. Patent law is one of the most complex legal topics, even for experts. So it was a struggle to really digest what I read, just to understand the basics.


My instinct was to turn to videos, which are always useful to make complicated ideas understandable and interesting. After all, this is what many of us do when making a purchasing decision or simply to learn quickly how to do something. But sifting through what was available online, I could find nothing like what I wanted – only long, dull webinars no different from lengthy academic papers.

I searched for a video platform for researchers to share knowledge, and again found nothing similar existed. How could that be possible – and why had no one done something about it?

I started explaining my idea to friends, colleagues, and professors and heard different ideas and perspectives. Many were aware of the gap between the ivory tower of academia and the public, and the misinformation and manipulation expanding everywhere. Why not take the initiative to make the world a better place?


My first step was to show that it’s doable. I created the very first ‘researchvlog’ of myself, using my published papers. I did the same for friends’ academic papers and a master’s thesis. Funnily enough, at this time I was approached by an acquaintance taking part in a research project: without having a clue about my concept, they were looking to hire someone to present their results in video format.


This project became Researchvlog’s very first partnership. Since then, my team has grown, and we are lucky enough to be supported by the Freie Universitat’s Profund Innovation through the Berliner Startup Stipendium. I am looking forward to producing many more fascinating videos and establishing productive partnerships, to ensure research makes an impact!

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